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Black Gold Wave

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There's Only One Wave Brush



Cluster Pressed Petals Flowers

Black Gold Filbert Wave

The rounded ( curved ) edge of the Wave Filbert Is best for a variety of Flowers. This style works especially nice for Geraniums, Lilacs, Hydrangea, Sweet William, Phlox, Alliums, Delphinium, and any other flower that is clustered in small blooms.

Fill area in with a base color, but do not paint solidly. Each flower is a cluster of 3,4, or 5 pressed pedals. Let the brush create the pedal simply by pressing onto the surface. Try to keep the pedals touching at the center; they will appear too long and thin if spaced too far apart.

To create a single flower, each cluster of pedals is done in at least two shades of color. White, combined with one of the two original colors, is then used as a high-light to create more of a color difference.

Begin by pressing one color of flowers randomly around the base painted surface. Before paint has dried, pick up a second color and press randomly over surface filling in areas and overlapping other flowers. Upon completion, determine if lighter or darker colors are needed and press whatever you prefer. If the colors are too close, touch your brush in a very light complimentary color and press randomly over the surface to break up solid looking flowers. Use a darker color if highlight or shade is needed for proper effect.

In the final process, petal may be added singly or in pairs wherever " fill in " is needed to achieve desired shape.


Garden Filler and Fern

Black Gold Wave Shader

Black Gold Wave Angle

To create the look of garden filler, stippling with the Black Gold Wave Shader or Angle in various directions and applying different amounts of pressure will offer the look of stems, stalks, and leaves. pulling up with short strokes will create the look of grass.

Stipple stems by keeping the brush edge straight and applying light pressure. For Straight lines, use the corner tip of the Wave Shader or Angle.

Leaves can be stippled using just the corner of the Wave brush in an irregular pouncing motion covering the desired area. Keep the look airy. Apply a second and lighter color over the base color by pouncing randomly to highlight. An alternative to this would be to double load the corner of the Wave Shader or Angle with a dark and light paint color and stipple randomly.

By lightly bouncing the tip of the Wave double load in avery compact ring, it will give the look of open flowers ( optional ).

Pine Tree Stippling

Black Gold Wave Shader

Black Gold Wave Angle

Stippling is using the edge of the Wave brush in a pouncing motion. Stippling straight will give a pin dot line appearance. In order to create more irregular and natural looking foliage and flowers, the Wave brush must be used in different direction and with varying pressure.

Paint the Pine tree by beginning with a guide line if needed. Use the same color paint to make the line. the line will be covered as the tree is painted.

Begin by using only the very corner tip of the Wave and pounce lightly making a cluster of irregular dots shaped as small peaked boughs. Increase bristle being stippled while working downward. Apply more pressure as well when boughs become larger.

A back and forth style can be used or stipple one side and then the other. Apply Snow in the same fashion except do it randomly. Should the white paint not be bright enough, stipple more in the same ares when dry.


Black Gold Wave Shader

To Create the look of plaid or cross hatching, the paint on the brush must resemble a dry brush stroke. Use one color or a double load of paint and different sizes of Waves, or combine with lines or rounds to create a background in a variety of patterns. The double load technique will create highlight and shading with one stroke.

With paint applied sparingly for stripes, there will be no raised ridges and anything painted over the plaid background will not have paint line bumps showing through.

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