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With Black Gold Brushes 
Linda's Techniques 

Here are a Few of Linda's Free Brush Techniques Below
Quick and Easy Press & Stroke Flowers


1.  Back petals of poppy are pressed. Double 
load wave filbert and strokefront pedals.

2.  Center is dotted with edge of wave filbert,
highlight by appling paint using only the 
wave edge.

3.  Bud and bud cover are pressed using the  
side edge of the wave filbert.

4.  Use a liner for stems.  
5.  Fern leaf is pressed using a wave angle.   
6.  Floral shading can be deepend by mixing
a darker color and with a float medium.

Below are step by step directions
Wave Filbert ( for poppy pedals )

1.  Piggyback load;  load brush with color 1,   "erase"
paint from brush across soft paper towel,  pick 
up color 2 on brush edge.  Repeat to adequately
fill the brush,   so that paint can be applied for 
pedals when pressing. Brush can be turned when
 using this technique.   A gentle coaxing can be
 used to get more presses from each load.

2.  Double load wave filbert stroke                           

3.  Double load wave filbert stroke with brush          
pulled on chisel edge                                       

4.  Piggyback load with wave filbert pressed on side 
rather than flush                                              
Wave Angular  ( fern leaf )

1.  Use a liner to paint guideline stem or use
the point of a wave angular.  

2.  Fill wave with color 1. Touch very lightly
using the longer bristles, keep it airy.  

3.  Use more bristle for longer fronds,          
create shape.                                     

4. Fill short bristles of wave angular with      
color 1, tip longer bristles in color 2.     
Add filler fronds and highlight tipd of    
remaing fronds     

Practice a few times to get use to it
It gets easier and your projects look Great

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Trumpet Vine Flower

1. Piggyback load press - wave filbert                 

2.  Double load stroke - wave filbert                   

3.  Pull trumpet, press pedals around in an oval.  
Use brush edge to line "smile" and quickly
blend color from line into petals              

4.  Double load a BG liner to paint center.             
Paint leaves and sepals with a double          
load on a BG Shader. Vine and stem are     
painted with a BG liner                               
5.  Floral shading can be deepend by mixing        
a darker color and with a float medium.    

Morning Glory

1. The wave filbert can be used on chisel       
edge to blend a highlight and base color
 for flower trumpet                                  

2.  Piggyback load a wave filbert and press     
petals in a oval. Use this brush edge to  
paint a "smile" line. Quickly blend the  
color from the line into the pedals        

3.  Use a BG liner double loaded with base     
color and white for pedal lines. Double 
load a BG round and press flower centers.
Use the liner for stem and tendril. Heart   
shaped leaf is painted with a BG shader.  

     Floral shading can be deepend by mixing   
a darker color and with a float medium. 

Garden Flower
1. The flower pedals are pressed with a wave filbert 
using a piggyback double load.                        

2.  The vine lines are made with a BG 5/0 liner.        

3.  The leaves are pressed with a wave angular and a
double load of green paint colors.                   

4.  Shadow leaves are pressed with a mix of ,            
Dove floating medium and green paint.           

5. For more of a leaf look pull wave angular from     
vien out to shape broad leaf- pull inward to       
finish edge. Add high light as desired following
same technique.                                                 

     Floral shading can be deepend by mixing   
a darker color and with Doves Floating Medium

         Black Gold Dagger 
Items needed;
Black Gold Dagger  size 3/8
Hauser Dark and Light Green
Dioxazine Purple, Wisteria, White,
Dark Chocolate, Cadmium Yellow
Dove Floating Medium
  For the leaves load each side of the brush with light and dark green,
press to round top and pull picking up to narrow to a point. Layer 
these strokes to widen the leaf. Paint must be fresh and moveable,
pull on chisel edge for stem. ( You can use Dove Floating Medium )

  The flower is a multitude of layered petals beginning with the darkest
purple. A quick stroke using the curved top will create small teardrops. 
  The strokes are easy but must be placed in the direction as a flower 
would grow.  Pulling the strokes across the bottom half will give the
look of open petals. Use Wisteria to create more dimension and highlight
with white to complete. Use the very tip of the dagger and lightly dot
with Dark Chocolate adding Cadmium Yellow to the top for the centers.

Note: One circular layer of petals is illustrated, but more layers can be
applied to make the flower larger and fuller. This is a great flower to
practice with as you can paint over it many times without ruining it.

The Stems and leafs to the left are also made with the Dagger Brush.
The dagger offers more control with line work for beginners as well as
creating beautiful leaf work and floral's.
Paint must be fluid for stems work. the brush must have a good fill and 
pull it on the curved edge using the rounded point as the guide.

  Loading the dagger: Pull one side of the dagger over dark green and 
the other side over the light green. Begin the blade leaf by placing the 
rounded top edge on the skinny side and beginning pulling up applying 
minimal pressure and slightly turning the brush on the side, bring it back 
to the skinny edge and pull up quickly to a point.  The length and 
pressure applied will determine leaf width.


Whales Tail
Quick and Easy Press & Stroke Flowers
Black Gold Whale Tail
Items needed;
                  1. Black Gold 206 WT 1/4 Whales Tail
                  2. Black Gold 206 R 5/0  Round
                  3. A palette                       
                  4. Dove Floating Medium   
                  5. Paint, Evergreen, Sapphire

           Touch Whales Tail in Floating Medium, blot brush tips 
           on paper towel, and then touch in sapphire color, press 
           to blend the paint into floating medium.

           Paint with 1/4 whales tail on side edge for leaves.
           Place back point down first with front point following,
           use a quick short brush stroke


You Can Create Beautiful Flowers
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